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How To Increase Life In Windbound

How To Increase Life In Windbound
Death has a huge penalty in Windbound so you’ll want as much life as possible. This guide on How To Increase Life In Windbound will tell you what to search for in order to increase your maximum life pool, making the survival aspect of Windbound much, much easier.

In Survival mode, if you die, you restart the game. You keep your Blessings, your held items and the knowledge you have gained, but you lose everything else. As such, anything that increases your ability to survive is a huge bonus. Some of the more challenging enemies can be very difficult to take down the first time you encounter them, as you learn the patterns and weaknesses of each enemy. A bigger life pool allows for a few more mistakes and a bit of wiggle room when fighting the tougher enemies.

How To Increase Life In Windbound

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] How To Increase Life In Windbound
This is exactly what you are looking for in Windbound, to increase your maximum life pool. Small red shrines that contain a red crystal. Interact with the shrines and you will get a small but permanent boost to your HP for that run. Windbound has randomly generated maps each time you play, so while it’s impossible to give you exact locations, there’s some tips to help you find them.

You will sometimes find them on the main islands you explore, but they are very rare. They are much more common off the beaten track. This doesn’t mean you sail into the blue in the random hopes of finding one, but you will need to explore.

As you reach each island, make sure to be constantly scanning the horizon. Windbound gives you small but clear hints on areas you can reach. You may notice a small rock standing alone out in the distance, a tiny island, a coral reef that stands out. If you keep checking the horizon while exploring each island and when traveling between them, you should be able to find some increase in life shrines quite easily.

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