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How To Increase & Restore Health In Undawn

Have you noticed your Health bar is constantly low? In this guide on How To Increase & Restore Health In Undawn we’ll go over how you increase your Health meter as it’s one of the more confusing elements of the Health Monitor as it’s not the same as the others.

It’s important to understand that Health and Hitpoints are two entirely different things in Undawn. If you look at the top left, when playing the game, you will see your Hitpoints, or HP as the game calls it, on the green bar. Below that are two grey bars, one of which represents your Health. The grey bar is the one we are talking about here.

How To Increase & Restore Health In Undawn

When looking at the Health Monitor in the Survive menu, you will often see that your health is low. This happens even if your Body, Mentality, Hygiene, and Metabolism scores are all high or even maxed. That’s because your Health is not directly tied to these – although ignoring any of those factors will have a detrimental effect on your Health.

When you are hurt, when a wound festers, when you catch a cold or get hit by lightning, all of these things have a negative impact on your Health. To restore your Health to maximum you can just use items. For example, when you search through your backpack for items look at Antibody Medicine and Bandages. The Antibody Medicine specifically states that it restores “30 Health”. Whereas the bandage says it restores 100 HP.

Using the Antibody Medicine, and any items that say restores Health, will increase and restore your Health bar back to full.

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