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How To Increase Settlement Food In Mount & Blade II Bannerlord

How To Increase Settlement Food In Mount & Blade II Bannerlord
Your citizens upset because they are starving? This guide on How To Increase Settlement Food In Mount & Blade II Bannerlord will help solve your food problems when you begin taking towns and castles they are immediately in trouble due to a lack of food supply.

Once you have your own Kingdom and you’ve got a few settlements, you will have to start paying close attention to your settlements needs. They do manage themselves after a short while but once you’ve captured a settlement, you will need to ensure you are building the correct things to manage what they need the most. Managing the food level is one of the more important things to balance.

How To Increase Settlement Food In Mount & Blade II Bannerlord

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] When you first take over a settlement, things are a bit crazy anyway. The initial numbers are in flux following the attack so don’t panic immediately. If the food is low, there are three things you need to do. Firstly, invest some Denar into the reserve. This dramatically improves construction time. Then make sure that the Granary option is either Level III or building up to Level III. Then, finally, select the Irrigation Daily Default option – this is what the city does when its other tasks are complete.

Simple enough. The main problem is that the numbers do not improve immediately so you may have tried these steps already but are still seeing negative food. That’s normal. It takes a few days for the changes to have an overall impact on the food level of the settlement. Once you’ve made these minor changes, continue to upgrade the Granary and your settlement should not have anymore food problems.

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