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How To Increase Shield Faction XP In Marvel’s Avengers

How To Increase Shield Faction XP In Marvel's Avengers
Want to farm experience points for a specific faction? This guide on How To Increase Shield Faction XP In Marvel’s Avengers will tell you all of the different activities you can do to increase your experience points with this faction and earn greater faction rewards.

There are currently two Factions in Marvel’s Avengers. The Shield Faction and the Inhuman Alliance Faction. Factions are opportunities for you to earn experience points and reputation with a specific group. As you increase a Faction level through experience points. Each time you increase your Faction level, you earn faction rewards, and can purchase higher leveled items from the faction vendor.

How To Increase Shield Faction XP In Marvel’s Avengers

How To Increase Shield Faction XP
The Shield faction is, well, Shield. You earn experience points for doing Shield Related activities. The largest source of individual experience point increases for Factions are through Objectives. Check the main menu and look under the Objectives tab. Here you can see the available missions and the rewards. Look for the ones with the largest Shield Faction XP rewards.

Another option, and one you will want to routine if you hope to increase faction level quickly, are daily missions. The Shield Faction Coordinator is aboard the carrier. They give you a daily mission each day for defeating a boss (this is how you get DNA Keys) and then daily assignments. These are usually short, very fast, and easy to do. They refresh every day so check back for new missions.

Lastly there are faction specific missions that reward you with experience points and completing missions at the factions location gives a very small bonus to faction XP. Such as completing missions in Utah for the Inhuman Alliance. Opening strongboxes and other chests can also provide small boosts to rep.

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