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How To Increase Stamina In Windbound

How To Increase Stamina In Windbound
Managing your stamina is vital to your survival in Windbound. This guide on how to increase Stamina in Windbound explains the basic fundamentals of the Stamina system as well as special stone-like structures you can find that provide a boost to your Stamina.

Stamina represents both your hunger and your ability to fight and sprint in Windbound. As your hunger grows, your stamina is reduced. At its lower levels, low Stamina can make it very difficult to fight some of the more difficult enemies and without sprint to run away, it can be deadly. Thankfully there are special structures you can find that reward you with an increase to your maximum stamina. It’s important to note, at least in the pre-release build, the increase to max Stamina is lost upon death in Survival mode.

How To Increase Stamina In Windbound

How To Increase Stamina In Windbound
Windbound is procedurally generated each time you begin a new chapter. This means it’s impossible to tell you exactly where to look. However, you will want to look for these special structures. They are the same as the health structures but feature a yellow crystal instead of red. They are rare, but you will sometimes find them on the main islands – the islands tied to completing the objectives for that chapter.

However, they are more common if you venture off the beaten track. When you are exploring the open seas, keep an eye out on the horizon. Sometimes you will see tiny islands, no more than a large rock, or perhaps a single tree in the distance. It’s never too far from the other islands but these unique locations often provide unique materials or special items you can collect, so it’s worth scanning the horizon whenever you are exploring the open seas.

If you arrive on an island and you spot an increased Stamina location, leave it until you are ready to leave the island. Not only does it boost your maximum Stamina but it refills it completely. So doing it as the last thing before leaving an island will give you maximum stamina on your journey to the next island.

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