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How To Increase Therion’s Steal Chance In Octopath Traveler

How To Increase Therion's Steal Chance In Octopath Traveler
In Octopath Traveler you can seal items from NPCs with Therion. Some of the items are easy to steal but others will have a low chance. Check out this guide to find out how to increase Therion’s steal chance in Octopath Traveler.

How To Increase Therion’s Steal Chance In Octopath Traveler

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There are two main ways to increase your steal chance with Therion in Octopath Traveler.

First you will need Cyrus of Alfyn. Anytime you get to a new town, use one of them to get info from NPCs around the area. Every now and then one will increase your thieving chance by doing this. Bolderfall, where Therion starts, is the first place you can do this. Each time you find someone who increases your thieving skills, stealing will become easier.

The second one is probably pretty obvious. As you level up your thieving skill will get better. Well it doesn’t really get better, Therion just gets better. As a result, stealing becomes easier just because of his experience. It is sort of like Olberic and dueling someone. Every item has a challenge rating and if the challenge is 9 stars, you won’t have a good chance of taking the item until you are high level. That doesn’t mean you should neglect Inquire with Alfyn though, those boosts can help you out alot.

On the east side of Noblecourt there is a man with a feathered cap near a couple kids. Use Inquire with Alfyn and you will get better thieving from him. This was actually a pretty large boost for me, some items jumped from 15% to 80% with just this one guy.

Oh and in combat stealing is pretty easy. Just break the enemy and then boost your stealing move as much as you can. It might not be 100% against bosses but you can do it a few times until you get the item.

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