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How To Increase Tower Domain Size In Spellforce Conquest Of Eo

Having a bigger base offers huge benefits in the game. This guide on How To Increase Tower Domain Size In Spellforce Conquest Of Eo explains how the expansion of your tower works so you can increase your domain size and reap the benefits of villages, nodes, and other items just outside of your reach.

Once you have followed the story far enough to unlock the Allfire Flow, a new menu appears. In this menu you can pledge your resources into one of three categories. Mana, Research, and Proficiency. The Mastery part of the Allfire Flow is the resource that directly influences your ability to expand your domain. So if you want to expand your towers domain, you want to make sure you are at least putting some points into the Proficiency section.

How To Increase Tower Domain Size In Spellforce Conquest Of Eo

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When checking the Allfire Flow screen you can see your current Mastery and how many points towards your next level. If you put 8 points into Proficiency, you will gain +8 Mastery for each day that passes. Once you have placed at least a small amount of your resources into Proficiency, you’ll want to check the Tower menu.

In this menu you can see your current rank and your Domain size, Apprentice Slots, Rooms, and units. There is also a small magnifying glass icon next to the Next Level at box. Select this icon. This brings up what you will get at the next level.

It’s important to remember that you only increase your Domain size at certain Mastery Levels, it’s not every level. So if you haven’t expanded in a while be sure to check this menu so you can see if the next day will bring an upgrade. Additionally, you can further increase your domain size with certain rooms you can build and room extensions.

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