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How To Increase Town Level In The Elder Scrolls Blades

How To Increase Town Level In The Elder Scrolls Blades
Leveling up your town in ES Blades provides a huge array of benefits such as unlocking new buildings and game features. This guide explains How To Increase Town Level In The Elder Scrolls Blades so you can level up your town quickly and unlock more customization and progression features.

Increasing your town level is directly tied to many aspects of progression in The Elder Scrolls Blades. Many of the buildings, advanced features and latter quest lines are locked behind your town progression. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to make sure you are always constructing something.

How To Increase Town Level In The Elder Scrolls Blades

Upgrading your town falls down to one particular stat, Prestige. Your Town Prestige acts as your towns experience points, increasing in level once you reach a certain amount of Prestige. Every building you construct in The Elder Scrolls Blades adds Prestige to your town. There are many buildings you will only construct once, such as the Smithy, and these provide a larger boost of Prestige.

However, for faster increase of Town Level, you’ll want to build Homesteads. The only function they serve is to increase Prestige, and in turn, attract more citizens to your town. It’s a good idea to build the Homesteads far away from the center of town. When you spawn into the game you’ll want vital buildings, such as the Smithy, in close proximity. But the Homesteads never have a use so tuck them away somewhere far out the way.

That’s How To Increase Town Level In The Elder Scrolls Blades. Any questions? Post a comment below!

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