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How To Increase World Level In Genshin Impact

How To Increase World Level In Genshin Impact
What is your World Level? What does it do? How do you increase it? This guide on How To Increase World Level In Genshin Impact explains the unique World Level system within Genshin Impact as it acts as a background progression feature that both increases difficulty and scales rewards.

The World Level system is introduced very early into the game. A couple of prompts during the tutorial explains the basic idea behind the feature however, it’s likely going to be 10-20 hours before the World Level feature of Genshin Impact actually has, well, any impact on your experience. As such, it’s easy to forget the thing even exists at all.

How To Increase World Level In Genshin Impact

Increase World Level In Genshin Impact
Checking your World Level is very simple. Open the main menu and inspect your player card in the top left. You’ll see your character portrait, your name, and various other bits and pieces of information. More importantly, this is also where you can see your World Level. As you can see above, my World Level is 1. All players begin their adventure at World Level 0, the base experience.

Once you reach Adventure Rank 20, you will automatically go up to World Level 1. There’s no quest, no other requirements, the second you reach Adventure Rank 20, you will be launched into World Level 1. It’s worth noting here that there is a possibility that playing co-op with other players or friends is not possible unless you are both the same World Level.

As your World Level increases, two main things happen. Firstly, all of the enemies you fight will grow stronger. They’ll have more health, deal more damage and sustain more hits. However, you will also find that the items you find and the loot you gather are much stronger too. As you continue past World Level 1, certain quests will need to be completed to move onward to the higher World Levels, these can be found at the Adventurers Guild when you are the appropriate Adventure Rank.

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