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How To Inflict Tons More Damage With Rising Rush In Dragon Ball Legends

How To Inflict Tons More Damage With Rising Rush In Dragon Ball Legends
Struggling with the inflict over 2,000,000 damage with Rising Rush quest? This guide will tell you How To Inflict Tons More Damage With Rising Rush In Dragon Ball Legends so that you can breeze through these objectives and move on to your next set of event tasks.

Rising Rush is a special ultimate ability that can deal huge amounts of damage to your opponent. Many of the event objectives in Dragon Ball Legends require you to deal over a specific damage number when using the Rising Rush. While this is relatively simple in itself, it works under many hidden mechanics that are not yet common knowledge. Below are some tips for increasing your Rising Rush damage.

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How To Inflict Tons More Damage With Rising Rush In Dragon Ball Legends

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] The first part of creating a team capable of devastating Rising Rush damage is to pick your most powerful character. Hopefully you’ve got at least one character that’s SP, if not, you may struggle slightly with these objectives.

Once you have chosen your most powerful character, you want to make sure they are at the maximum level, currently 1000. You also want to do everything you can to complete as many Soul Boost panels as possible, increasing the characters power and increasing the damage Rising Rush can do.

After your primary character is level 1000 and has plenty of Soul Boost panels unlocked, you need to move on to constructing your team. This is arguably the most difficult but most vital part. Every character in Dragon Ball Legends has special abilities called Z Abilities. All 6 characters in your party have a Z Ability, and all 6 are active in combat. It doesn’t matter what three characters you choose to fight with, all characters Z Abilities from the party will be in effect.

You need to add characters to the party that compliment your chosen main character. I will provide some examples below, using the characters and team I have made.

Main Character: Broly
Rarity: Sparking
Character Tag: Saiyan, Super Saiyan
Element: Blue

Party Member #1: Vegeta
Rarity: Hero
Z Ability: Z Ability II: +18% to Element: BLU Blast Attack during battle

Party Member #2: Goku
Rarity: Extreme
Z Ability: Z Ability III: +22% to Tag: Saiyan base Strike Attack during battle

Party Member #3: Goku
Rarity: Sparking
Z Ability:Z Ability III: +24% to Tag: Saiyan base Strike Attack during battle

Party Member #4: Vegeta
Rarity: Extreme
Z Ability: Z Ability: +17% to Tag: Saiyan base Blast Attack during battle

Party Member #5: Pan
Rarity: Hero
Main Ability: Troublemaker (Draw Special Move next)

The above team is just an example of what I used. If you have other alternatives, I would strongly advise you explore those. While I was able to hit the 2,000,000 mark, it was very unreliable and seemed to average closer to 1,500,000.

With this entire party together, I am providing huge buffs to Broly’s abilities in combat. You may not have these same characters but you should now understand how to make a team using the characters you have available. Also, make sure your best equipment is equipped. You may notice that Pan does not directly buff Broly, however, with her Main Ability I can draw a Special Move Arts card. If you can have two of them in your hand when you launch Rising Rush, the damage is huge.

Now it’s time to execute. You want to pick a mission that has at least one opponent weak to your main characters element. As Broly is Blue, I chose EX-5, Emperor Frieza. This mission features two red enemies so my damage will include elemental advantage. The only tedious aspect to this is that I need to let someone beat Broly down to the lowest HP possible. The less HP you have, the more damage Rising Rush causes.

I start the fight, build my Rising Rush without killing both reds. Once I have all of the Dragon Balls, I switch to Broly and let someone beat me up. This can take a long time depending on your character and chosen level.. Just before time runs out, I initiate Rising Rush.

The combination of abilities you perform during the Rising Rush also plays a part. For example, if you have 3 Blast Attacks and a Strike Attack when you select Rising Rush, and you choose the Strike card, the Rising Rush will start with 3 Blast Attacks. You want to try and manipulate the different cards so you have your characters strength. For example, with Broly I waited until I had 2x Strike Attacks and 1x Special Attack. Then I used whatever the 4th was to initiate the Rising Rush. Broly’s Strike and Special Attack are very powerful, so I wanted to use those for maximum effect.

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