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How To Initiate Extended Vehicles Project In Rage 2

How To Initiate Extended Vehicles Project In Rage 2
The Extended Vehicles Project in Rage 2 is vital if you want to expand your vehicular arsenal. This guide will explain How To Initiate Extended Vehicles Project In Rage 2 as many of the more exciting and more powerful vehicles are locked behind this special project.

Although you begin the game with the Phoenix and you are able to unlock other vehicles, the majority of vehicles in Rage 2 require you to discover them in the Wasteland. However, first you must unlock the ability to commandeer them as your own by unlocking the Extended Vehicles Project.

How To Initiate Extended Vehicles Project In Rage 2

To Initiate Extended Vehicles Project In Rage 2 you need to complete a couple of events so you can get yourself some Project Points. Once you have some Project Points open the menu and navigate to the Projects section. From here, select Basic Projects with Lily Prowley.

On the lowest tier of her Projects, on the right hand side, is the Vehicles Extension Project. You need to get enough Project Points to unlock this project. That is How To Initiate Extended Vehicles Project In Rage 2.

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