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How To Interact With Metal Wind Nodes In God Of War Ragnarok

Have you seen the strange metal objects blowing out wind? This guide on How To Interact With Metal Wind Nodes In God Of War Ragnarok explains how you can use these special environmental objects to explore new areas during Kratos’ adventure as you can discover them very early in the story but cannot interact with them until much later.

When you are exploring the various planes of God of War Ragnarok you will encounter these things a lot. They appear to be stuck on walls and other surfaces, some kind of metal object attached directly into the wall. When you approach you can see gusts of wind blowing out from within the metal object. If you attempt to use the traditional puzzle-solving techniques, Atreus will often say you need special equipment to use these, but what is it?

How To Interact With Metal Wind Nodes In God Of War Ragnarok

In order to use this wind objects you need to follow the main story until Kratos unlocks a new weapon. This is around 20 hours into the main story, less if you don’t explore or do much of the side content. During the main story Kratos gets a special weapon called the Draupnir Spear. This is a unique spear that can be thrown multiple times. You can use the spear to throw it into the heart of the metal object that’s blowing out wind.

This causes the spear to be permanently featured and Kratos can now use it to climb to new areas. And that’s How To Interact With Metal Wind Nodes In God Of War Ragnarok.

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