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How To Keep Associates Happy In Mafia 3

How To Keep Associates Happy In Mafia 3
In Mafia 3 you will be dealing with three Associates who you hand out turf too. There is a trick to keeping them all happy so one doesn’t betray you and start a war with you. Check out this guide to figure out How To Keep Associates Happy In Mafia 3!

How To Keep Associates Happy In Mafia 3

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When it comes to handing out turf you will ultimately have to put one of the three Associates in charge. This will make the other two get mad at you and maybe even threaten to leave if you don’t call on them the next time. There is a way to keep them all happy and to avoid any bad blood.

Basically there are 9 turfs you can take over all together. Each Associate automatically gets one turf when you recruit them to your team, the one they start in. From there you want to hand them out in a certain order. For instance if you pick Vito first, then Cassandra and finally Burke, you want to keep that order throughout. So after you hand the last piece to Burke, reset with Vito and go from there. This will mean each person gets 3 pieces of turf and you will have to do some side missions if you want all the upgrades but it also means they won’t betray you.

To make sure they don’t get really mad with you, assign the person’s team to each Racket you take over in a turf as well. When you split it up and then take it away from a certain Associate they will get upset. They get upset if you don’t call, but not as upset as if you take Rackets away from them. So if it is a Vito turf, have Vito’s boys called each time you take over a Racket in the area. This will make it nice and easy for everyone. There is also the Bayou but I haven’t taken that over and I don’t know if you have to assign that to anyone, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

I’ve done a total of 2 side missions per Associate so you don’t have to focus on those to keep them happy with this method. If you want to make real money from them though, do the side missions. Check back soon for more Mafia 3 guides!

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  1. For underbosses, i’ve done two missions for each one (when I was first introduced to each), but is there any purpose in doing more. Does it increase the earn evenly accross all of that boss’s terrirtory for each additional underboss mission that I do?

    1. Wish I had read this before I spent so many hours in the game. I had to kill Cassandra. Wish I wasn’t forced to do that but her guys were always killing me. Now I gave Vito 4 rackets and he’s demanding more. I only gave Burke 2. If I lose Vito I’m screwed. Looks like I’m about to lose Burke. I hate these sit-downs!

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