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How To Learn Curses If You Miss Them In Hogwarts Legacy

Curses are powerful but outlawed magical spells. In this guide on How To Learn Curses If You Miss Them In Hogwarts Legacy we’ll tell you how you can learn the curses again, if you missed the opportunity to learn them the first time around. Unfortunately, however, it’s not something you can do easily.

During the main story of Hogwarts Legacy you will have the opportunity to explore side quests, specifically relationship side quests, where you accompany a fellow student on a personal journey. One such student is Sebastian. During Sebastian’s story you will have the opportunity to learn dark magic, powerful spells that are looked down on by other wizardkind. As such, you may or may not want to learn them at the time, depending on how you feel about that part of the Hogwarts Legacy world.

UPDATE: You don’t need to wait until end-game. You can speak to Sebastian whenever he is in the Undercroft.

How To Learn Curses If You Miss Them In Hogwarts Legacy

However, you can learn the curses that you choose to miss during the main story. You need to finish the main story arc itself and then make sure you have completed Sebastian’s side story by completing all of his quests. You can then meet him in the Undercroft in post-game exploration. Simply speak with Sebastian there and he will offer to teach you any of the curses you previously missed.

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