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How To Learn To Read In Kingdom Come Deliverance

How To Learn To Read In Kingdom Come Deliverance
Learning to read is a very important aspect of your characters development so check out our guide to figure out How To Learn To Read In Kingdom Come Deliverance, so you can put down your sword and pick up a book or two.

At the beginning of your adventure you are unable to read. Strange by today’s standards but in this era, a Blacksmith’s son would not have had much opportunity to learn much in regards to reading or even writing. As such, many books and scrolls you collect will merely seem as scribbles on a parchment. However, there are a number of skill books that make learning to read very beneficial as you advance your skills through the higher levels.

The fastest way to learn how to read is to visit the Apothecary in Rattay. Once there speak with the trader inside and ask him if he knows anyone that can teach you to read. He will tell you to visit the Scribe in Uzhitz. It’s a long way so I suggest you get a horse first.

Once you’ve got yourself a mount make the long ride to Uzhitz and speak with the Scribe there. After you pay 50 coin and read the book, you learn reading. The correct response to his question is the response about greed.

What Does Reading Do?

Certain books, mostly skill books, increase your characters experience with that skill. Go to your bed and you will notice a book icon near your health bar. Open your inventory while sitting on your bed and choose a book to read. This is the best way to read as it’s a lot quicker. Read your book of choice. Sometimes you will get a level up, other times it’s just experience. It depends on your current level.

If you are unsure, check your experience points with a skill first and the read the book. You will see the increase for yourself.

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