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How To Leave A Guild In Lost Ark

A quest needs you to join a guild and donate, but you don’t have to hang around. This guide on How To Leave A Guild In Lost Ark will tell you the steps you must take to leave a guild as the interface can be a little confusing if you don’t know where to look.

Once you reach Luterra Castle a legendary adventurer has a quest for you. He tasks you with joining a guild to make a donation. As some people are rightly picky with what guilds they pick for the long haul, you may just want to join any guild accepting applications to make your donation and then instantly leave. Leaving however, is kind of hidden away in the guild interface.

How To Leave A Guild In Lost Ark

If you want to leave a guild firstly open the Guild Interface with ALT+U. This is where all the donations and management options are done for guilds. If you want to leave a guild you need to navigate to the Management tab. If you look in the top right corner of the guild interface, there are two arrows, left and right. The manage screen is actually hidden to the right so you need to press the right arrow to move the options across.

Once on the management screen, select leave guild at the bottom of the window.

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