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How To Leave A Party In Lost Ark

There are lots of benefits to grouping up but what happens when your party disconnects? This guide on How To Leave A Party In Lost Ark explains the steps required to be able to leave a party as once you have joined one, if your friends log off, you can’t join dungeons or other instances until they return.

Joining a party with friends is relatively easy in Lost Ark. You both must have completed the Prologue and then you can add each other on the in-game friends list. You can press U to open it quickly. Once opened, add your friends character name and have them accept the invitation. Once accepted, you can right click to invite your friend to a party. Leaving a party however, while simple, is a little strange.

How To Leave A Party In Lost Ark

How To Leave The Party In Lost Ark
When you are in a party you see the party interface in the top corner. It shows the health, name, and class of each member in your party. if you want to leave the party you need to hover over your characters name in the party list and press CTRL. Then press Right Click. This will bring up a small menu. One of the options on that menu is to leave the party. Select Leave Party and your character will immediately leave the party, allowing you to join another or jump into solo dungeons.

  • Once you are in a party the party interface appears in the top left corner of the page
  • It shows your parties vital stats including the characters name, class, and current hit points
  • If you want to leave the party you need to hover over your characters name in this interface and press CTRL
  • Once you have pressed CTRL you then press RMB and a new interface will pop up
  • Select the leave party option to immediately leave the party
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