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How To Level All Skills In Mount & Blade II Bannerlord

How To Level All Skills In Mount & Blade II Bannerlord
There are 18 skills in the game. This guide on How To Level All Skills In Mount & Blade II Bannerlord will provide some basic tips and tricks on how to level each of the individual skills in the game, from Vigor skills through to Intelligence skills.

Initially this guide on leveling is going to consist mostly of the information available for each of the skills in the game. However, as we continue to progress through the game and learn more exact methods of leveling up certain skills, they will be added. It will be a growing guide that will hopefully answer many questions on how to level certain skills.

How To Level All Skills In Mount & Blade II Bannerlord

Just for clarification purposes, skills can only be leveled as high as the Focus Points available for that skill. Focus Points represent the skills ceiling, the top level it can reach at the current Focus Point level, but it also increases the rate in which a skill can be learned.

One Handed
Fight using a one handed weapon. XP seems per swing, not per kill.

Two Handed
Fight using a two handed weapon.

Fight using a Polearm or Spear

Fight using a Bow and Arrows

Fight using a Crossbow

Throwing Weapons such as Javelins
When defending a castle, use the stones or pots to thrown down onto groups for huge throwing XP

The faster your World Map speed, the more XP received
Reaching maximum speed in combat

Moving around or fighting on foot

Complete Smithing activities such as Smelting

Whenever an enemy hideout is discovered, you get XP
Assign Scout Clan Role for XP

Small amounts of XP given when giving orders to soldiers

Attacking caravans
Recruiting and commanding bandits
Bribe enemy generals and law
Sell prisoners

When you capture an enemy general in battle, releasing them instead offers Charm XP

Whenever you are leading an army
Maintain high morale in your party

Create Caravans
Buy cheap from one location, sell higher to another

Have a lot of food and a lot of variety of food. You will level nearly once per day
Constructing projects as a Governor and building up a settlement
Assign Quartermaster Clan Role for XP

Assign Surgeon Clan Role for XP

Build siege engines
Successfully use siege engines
Assign Engineer Clan Role for XP

We will continue to update this How To Level All Skills In Mount & Blade II Bannerlord as we discover more ways to learn each skill. If you know any we missed, post a comment below.

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