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How To Level Fast In Pokemon Go

How To Level Fast In Pokemon Go
Leveling up in Pokemon Go is a grind to say the very least. You will get some quick levels early on but once you hit level 5, it slows down hard. Check out this guide to figure out How To Level Fast In Pokemon Go!

How To Level Fast In Pokemon Go

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So let’s get the basic info out of the way first. A new capture is 500 exp, so always go after the new Pokemon when possible. You should also master the spin ball catch because that adds 10 extra Exp per capture. I know 10 isn’t much but the more you catch the more extra Exp you get. Catching any Pokemon you already have will net you 100 Exp and 3 of their Candy. The Candy is what you really want to level quickly so don’t ignore the weak Pokemon like Weedle and Caterpie, the next part will require them.

Now if you have a Mystery Egg(I got lucky and got one from a level) you will want to farm and save up your Candy and Pokemon. This works best with the Weedles and Caterpies of the world because they only take 12 Candy to evolve. If you have a Mystery Egg, farm up Weedles, Caterpies and other low tier Pokemon that don’t take much to evolve. When you feel like you have enough to waste the 30 minute Exp boost start evolving like no tomorrow. Each first tier evolution will net you 500(1000 with Mystery Egg) Exp and second tier will get you 1000(2000 with Mystery Egg) Exp. I don’t do the second tier evolve because the amount of candy from stage one to two goes up way to much.

Just doing math really quick. It takes 12 Candy to evolve a Weedle to a Kakuna and same with Caterpie to Metapod. From there is takes 50 Candy to evolve either of them to their third form. so you can either do the 50 Candy trick for 1000(2000 with the Mystery Egg) or you can do 4 Weedles into Kakunas for 2000(4000 with a Mystery Egg) Exp and still have 2 extra Weedle Candy. If you don’t have a Mystery Egg you can just evolve them whenever you pick them up. Without the Mystery Egg you get 500 per Evolve at a low level so it is still worth getting the Exp off a low tier Pokemon.

So before you go to transfer your low tier Pokemon, remember there might be some easy experience you are tossing away. Rattata and Pidgey are other common ones you can use to level up as well, they just take more Candy then Weedle and Caterpie so I used them as the best example.

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