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How To Level Fast In World Of Final Fantasy

How To Level Fast In World Of Final Fantasy
Constantly catching new rare and powerful Mirages often means you’re leveling up new allies from level 1. This how to level fast in World of Final Fantasy guide will show you a quick and easy technique to earning tons of experience and quite a bit of Gil and items while you’re at it.

How To Level Fast In World Of Final Fantasy

It may seem quite simple but a lot of people seem to have overlooked it. This technique works throughout the game depending on the enemies you’re facing and the Mirages you have in your stacks. You won’t really need to farm or level up quickly at the start of the game as the Mirages you encounter quickly increase to be of a similar level to your current squad but as you progress to level 20+ you’ll find it takes some time to raise your new Mirages to replace your current stack formations.

It’s a basic trick. When you arrive in any new dungeon find a save point. Use a combination of Mirage abilities, Seeds and Mirajewels to create abilities that directly counter those of the dungeon you’re in. For example, in The Sunken Temple dungeon the enemy Mirages are mostly water type. I put Ramuh into my stack and made sure he had a lightning ability that hit all targets. Thundaga, Judgement Bolt etc. Fighting near a save point lets you completely fill your HP after each battle and more importantly, your AP.

Simply get into a fight, launch your most powerful elemental attack that hits all targets, 1 hit kills every time. After each battle go to the save point, just hit it you don’t have to open the menu. Rinse and repeat.

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