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How To Level Faster In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

How To Level Faster In Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Want to get more experience points in AC Odyssey? This guide will provide a few basic tips for How To Level Faster In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey so you can increase the amount of experience points you earn, level up quicker and get to better content faster.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey features a vast open-world filled with challenges and treasures, Leveling up is quite natural for the most part, earning experience points and levels for all activities as you progress through the story and side content. However, at some stages, as exciting content looms just out of reach, a quick level is sometimes needed.

How To Level Faster In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

AC Odyssey is an RPG. As such, there’s no instant fix to leveling. You won’t go up 5 levels in 20 minutes later in the game, but there are a number of minor things you can combine to increase the rate in which you level. Combining these things is the best way to level fast.

Contracts & Bounties
These are often overlooked because, frankly, they can be a bit boring. Contracts are very easy, they typically require you to kill X type of enemies or sink X types of boats. Bounties are just as simple but they require a little more effort as they ask you to take out a very specific target. Every Message Board in the game, including the one aboard your boat, can give you different Contracts so grab them all up as quick as you can and just complete them as you progress through other content.

Have a quick glance at your bounties and contracts so you can be sure you are not avoiding specific enemies or boats that you need to sink.

Side Quests
Traditionally, in RPG games, side quests are the best way to level up quickly. This is sometimes the case in AC Odyssey, but not always. It’s very important to do Side Quests as close to your level as possible. If you see an area with a large number of side quests in a very small area at your level, grab them all at the same time and just knock them off your map one by one. Side Quests of lower levels, even a single level, offer less experience points rewards. A level above doesn’t hurt too much but any further than that and you risk taking longer to complete side quests, thus reducing your experience points gain over time.

Conquest Battles
These are both rewarding and fun. While aiming to complete them is a time consuming task, if you simply take them as they come, they are great for experience points. If you’re doing other content and you find a leader, take them out. Taking out a leader, a few soldiers and a National Treasure Chest is often enough to start a conflict so if you’re near one anyway, be sure to do it.

Timed Quests
These are quests marked by an hourglass icon. They are only available for a limited time and although the experience points they offer are low, they are usually completed within 30-60 seconds. Be sure to grab these whenever you see them.

That’s How To Level Faster In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Any tips we missed? Post a comment below.

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