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How To Level Piloting Fast In Starfield – Endless Enemy Ships

Upgrading your piloting skill allows you to steal and make Class B and Class C ships. This guide on How To Level Piloting Fast In Starfield tells you about a quick and easy method to find endless enemy ships so you can level up your Piloting really fast and get to stronger spaceships.

Where To Find Cheyenne System

You can do this very early in the game, you just need to be able to reach the Cheyenne system. You can find this system North East of Sol and Alpha Centauri on the galaxy map. Once in Cheyenne, go to the planet Akila and head to Akila City.

How To Level Piloting Fast In Starfield – Endless Enemy Ships

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When you get there, a bank robbery is in progress. Complete the bank robbery by killing the robbers and the Marshall will invite you to join a new faction, the Freestar Rangers. Complete the introductory mission and then you can use the Mission Board in The Rook to select Freestar Rangers missions. You want to select the mission that has the target “Crimson Fleet Captain”. This will give you a mission that always results in space combat.

Even if you are allied with Crimson Fleet, which makes it easier as the ships won’t attack you before they are destroyed, as long as you kill the target, you get no bounty.

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