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How To Level Sujimon Fast In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

The Sujimon League can be a challenging concept if you are not prepared. In this guide on How To Level Sujimon Fast In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth we’ll go over a quick and easy method you can follow to max your Sujimon and unlock the next stage of the Sujimon League, more rewarding challenges and, of course, the Discreet Four.

Nearly all progress in the Sujimon League is tied directly to your Sujimon Rank. This rank goes from 1-10, 10-20, 20-30, and so on. You cannot challenge a member of the Discreet Four until you reach the appropriate rank. As you reach a new rank you will get better rewards from battles, Sujimon capsules, and more. The below method tells you how to level through the Rookie stage but it’s exactly the same process to increase through the higher levels even faster.

How To Level Sujimon Fast In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

The best way to level Sujimon quickly is to focus on your most powerful Sujimon. Typically, when building a Sujimon team, you have a strong Sujimon in the middle with a powerful attack to take down all three enemies quickly and easily. Focus on getting that Sujimon to the maximum level allowed first. This will allow that Sujimon to power level the rest by killing enemy teams quicker and easier.

To level that Sujimon as fast as possible, focus on trainer battles and the Coliseum challenges. Both of these activities reward you with Sujimunch, materials you can use to max out Sujimon almost instantly. By dedicating most of those resources to a single Sujimon, you will defeat more trainers quicker, get more Sujimunch faster, and upgrade your other Sujimon easier.

Make sure, when you are using the Sujimunch, that you split the proportion of munch for the biggest “Chance of Huge Gains”. For example, if you have 4 types of Sujimuch, put 6 of the best one in and then one each of the others. This ensures the highest % chance of success.

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