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How To Level Up Fast In Marvel Snap (Collection Level)

Don’t spend your Credits incorrectly. In this guide on How To Level Up Fast In Marvel Snap (Collection Level) we tell you of a simple trick to level up faster, unlock more cards, and avoid wasting Credits early in the game. Whenever you win games you are given card fragments, called Boosters, that you can use to upgrade cards to higher rarities. In turn, this gives you experience points and unlocks new cards.

However, there is a right and wrong way to do this and it involves using multiple decks, switching out cards, and focusing on leveling specific cards in certain ways. When you upgrade a card from common to rare for 25 Credits, you get 1 Collection Level. When you upgrade that card from rare, you get two Collection Levels, however, this costs 100 Credits. The Credit value of the upgrades makes it so that it’s much more efficient if you level up your common cards first. So when you get a Rare card that can be upgraded, ignore it for now and save your Credits for common upgrades.

How To Level Up Fast In Marvel Snap

When you win a game you only get Boosters based on the cards in your deck. So if you are always using the same deck, you will continue to get Boosters for cards that are already Rare. You want to regularly go into your card list and pick out common cards and switch them in for higher rarity cards. This will sometimes cause you to struggle more in games but if you switch out the right cards, you can minimize the potential damage to your deck whilst still being able to farm credits efficiently.

  • It costs 25 Credits to upgrade a card to Rare and you get 1 Collector Level
  • It costs 100 Credits to upgrade a card to Epic, and you get 2 Collector Levels
  • To level your Collector Level as fast as possible, focus on upgrading all of your common cards first

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