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How To Level Up Fast In Pokemon Legends Arceus

If you want to get the strongest Pokemon, you’ll want to level up quickly. This How To Level Up Fast In Pokemon Legends Arceus guide tells you about an easy trick that you can do once you reach different stages of the game where you can farm a specific Pokemon for up to 10,000 experience points per fight.

This guide has methods for three different ways ot leveling fast. During the early stages it’s relatively easy to keep on top of the level curve. Completing Requests can net you some good Experience Points items and regular Pokemon fights do the job. Once you get to the stage where you’re farming experience points to level up Pokemon quickly so you can get evolved forms for your Pokedex, there’s a simple battle you can do. There are three methods here. One low level and one higher level, and one that you can do once you unlock sparring. The lower level one has no requirements other than a powerful Fighting type move.

Before you’re able to do the higher level method you’re going to need either the ability to climb rocks or to fly, both of which are through story progress. You also need a Pokemon with a strong Fighting move.

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How To Level Up Fast In Pokemon Legends Arceus – All Levels

How To Level Up Fast In Pokemon Legends Arceus - All Levels
This method has the potential to be the best purely because it’s the least frustrating. You don’t need to waste time travelling or loading between regions like the other two methods and it’s available as soon as you unlock sparring in the Arena in town. After you meet Ingo in the story and complete that region, he will return to town and take up residence at the arena. You can then speak with Ingo to challenge characters you have fought previously.

You can fight many different trainers but most of them have Pokemon level 50+. The top trainers have 6 Pokemon in the high 60s. The main problem with this as a leveling method is that Pokemon are going to die and not get XP, and you need a lot more type variety than the other two methods on this list. Even defeating the top trainers doesn’t net the same experience points as the high level method. So while this method is quicker than farming wild Pokemon, I would only use it if you’re likely to get frustrated with the boring process of the other methods in this guide.

How To Level Up Fast In Pokemon Legends Arceus – Low Level

How To Level Up Fast In Pokemon Legends Arceus - Low Level
For the lower level method you simply need a Pokemon that can take on a Level 51 Alpha Chansey, ideally you want a Pokemon with a strong Fighting move so you can kill it in one hit. It also makes it a lot faster if you complete Request #46 – Setting Up The Coastlands Camp. From the village select the Cobalt Coastlands map and then select to spawn at the Coastlands Camp. Travel East to this island, you can walk across with your mount, and kill the Alpha Chansey on Tombolo Walk.

This will get you 3000-5000 Experience Points per battle

How To Level Up Fast In Pokemon Legends Arceus – High Level

How To Level Up Fast In Pokemon Legends Arceus
The high level method works much in the same, except you’re fighting a Level 62 Alpha Blissey. Leave the village and head to Obsidian Fieldlands and select the Heights Camp. Once you reach the Heights Camp immediately fly to the East side of the map to Obsidian Falls. As you fly towards the falls you see a large open space ahead and to the left. There’s an Alpha Blissey here. Killing this will get you around 10,000 experience points for lower level Pokemon.

Depending on how powerful your Pokemon is, you may want to get a surprise attack with your Pokeball throw. This will let you attack twice so you can do your Fighting move once and then again in Strong style. That should be enough to take it down.

Unfortunately, neither will respawn until you leave the area fully and return. It may seem long but the loading between areas only takes about 25 seconds so you can leave and return to fight within half a minute. This is somewhat slowed if you are still reporting Pokedex updates.

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