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How To Level Up Fast In Summoners War Chronicles

With so many Monsters, you’ll need to learn how to farm experience points easily. This guide on How To Level Up Fast In Summoners War Chronicles will tell you the fastest way to level up your Monsters so you can progress further into the story and unlock all of the additional content and farming options it has to offer.

As with most games in this genre, leveling is a core part of the game. During the main story you will be tasked with visiting different locations, each corresponding to one of the main elements within the game. As such, you’re going to need to level an assortment of Monsters of different types in order to beat some of the more difficult story missions.

How To Level Up Fast In Summoners War Chronicles

Do note that this is the method I used for leveling fastest during the early stages of the game. As you progress into later areas, you’ll want to use the same method but in those quests. Continue with the main story until you unlock Repeat Quests. You can find these from the main menu under Quests. Here you will see the Story, Area Exploration, and Repeat Requests. If you don’t have these unlocked just yet, follow the story until they become available, it doesn’t take too long.

Once you have the Repeat Requests you can do Repeat Requests that give EXP Potions as rewards, they also give Breath of Life. You need Rahil Order’s to repeat these, Rahil Orders fill up throughout the day and your maximum increases as your account level increases. Simple set the Repeat Request as the highest level version that you can do and select to repeat it for all of the Rahil Orders you have. Using this method you can get thousands of EXP Potions by simply letting the game play in the background.

  • If you want to complete the story and unlock all of the content, you’re going to need a lot of max-leveled Monsters, so leveling fast is key
  • Follow the main story until you unlock Repeat Requests and then check the Repeat Requests menu in the Quests menu of the main menu
  • Select the highest level area you can safely farm and choose the Repeat Request that gives EXP Potions and Breath of Life
  • Repeat for as many Rahil Orders as you have spare. Survival is key. Bring Monsters that can keep your team alive
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