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How To Level Up Territory Standing Fast In New World

Want to increase your town reputation to buy a house?

Increasing your reputations with towns and territories reaps many rewards & benefits. This guide on How To Level Up Territory Standing Fast In New World will tell you the quickest way of increasing the reputation with each town and methods to make it faster and easier for future daily quests.

Every major town has a Town Projects Board, a wooden board covered in fliers. These are special quests that reward you with Coins, Territory Standing, and Experience Points when completing. You also get Territory Standing for doing certain side quests within a territory but the difference between those quests and Town Board quests can be 100s of percent.

  • Town Projects offer the most experience points for Territory Standing
  • You get approximately 3-5 quests per reset
  • The Town Project BOard missions will restock every 30 minutes real-time
  • Missions are repeated, so stock up on materials to make future quests easier

How To Level Up Territory Standing Fast In New World

The Town Project job board consists of three different Town Upkeep Jobs you can take. You can take a job and cancel it to get another, but you only seem to get 4-5 per rotation. They refresh every 30 minutes so you can grab some more quests.

Some of these quests are very easy and they repeat, so it’s worth stocking up on the resources so that you can instantly complete them when new quests appear. Some of the quests include:

  • Deliver 100 Water (From Well’s and any water source)
  • Deliver 70 Fish Fillet (Catch and Salvage fish)
  • Deliver 15 Nightcrawler Bait (Gathered from Flint during the day)
  • Deliver 90 Coarse Leather

So when you are running around questing, gathering resources, exploring New World, double down on your efforts to seek out these ingredients at the same time. Jot down the different quests you pick up at your town and stock up on the materials.

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