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How To Listen To Albums In Doom Eternal

How To Listen To Albums In Doom Eternal
So you’ve picked up and album, but what’s it for? This guide on How To Listen To Albums In Doom Eternal will cover everything you need to know about the Albums you can find and unlock when exploring the many levels of Doom Eternal.

Toys, new weapons, Doom Eternal has tons of different items you can collect. Some of these are immediately beneficial, such as increasing your armor, health, or ammo count, but others are more subtle. Albums are one of the many items that you can find in the 13 different levels of Doom Eternal. Sometimes they are considered secrets, other times they are simply items that you pick up in-between slaughtering legions of hells finest.

How To Listen To Albums In Doom Eternal

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Albums are usually displayed as a ? when you encounter them in a level. Unless you have upgraded your suit to show specific icons on the map. You’ll run into them on nearly every level. There’s soundtracks from Doom 2016, Doom III, even Quake games, there’s plenty of juicy sound to sink your, ears into?

Anyway, when you discover an album it unlocks the ability to play it as the soundtrack to the game when you are in the Fortress of Doom, Doom Guy’s home base if you will. When you find an Album a poster will appear on the wall, they are scattered all over the Fortress of Doom. Simply walk up to one and interact with it. This will start the audio track playing in the background while you explore and unlock new things fore your Doom guy to use.

How many secrets in Doom Eternal have you found?

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