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How To Make Animals Respawn Quickly In Metal Gear Survive

How To Make Animals Respawn Quickly In Metal Gear Survive
Finding the best spots for food and water is hard but this guide on How To Make Animals Respawn Quickly In Metal Gear Survive will hopefully help you a little when you start to run out of sources of food and are in need of urgent sustenance. Firstly, it’s worth checking out our guide on an easy food trick that makes sure you can always get a free 25% food bar without having to farm any animals or fight any enemies.

This involves jumping into a multiplayer lobby whenever you have less than 25% food or water. This will instantly restore part of your food and water bars up to a maximum of 25%. While not the best solution it gives you enough time to play around with other methods of getting food quickly.

Once you reach a certain part of the story you can build little tent-like shacks. You can use these to sleep, which is typically just used to pass time between day and night. However, if you sleep long enough animals respawn. Sleeping drains your food and health very quickly so you may only be able to sleep for 4-5 hours at a time but it’s worth it.

Go into a multiplayer lobby to get 25% food. Go back to Single Player, sleep in a tent for as long as it lets you, repeat. Check the map every 2-3 cycles to see if the notifications have appeared again. Once the animals have respawned you will see the colored circles on the map indicating their position. While this drains a lot of your food and water, once all the animals have spawned again you can farm them up and have a good supply of food for some time. If you run low again, just repeat.

And that’s How To Make Animals Respawn Quickly In Metal Gear Survive. If you have any questions, please post a comment below.

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