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How To Make Bells (Money) Fast In Animal Crossing New Horizons

How To Make Bells (Money) Fast In Animal Crossing New Horizons
Bells are the money currency in New Horizons. This guide on How To Make Bells (Money) Fast In Animal Crossing New Horizons provides a quick and easy method to making tons of Bells fast so you can pay off the 98,000 Bells loan for your wonderful home on your very own island.

There are many ways to making a decent amount of Bells in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Our primary method in this guide does require that you have a friend (or you get lucky on a resource island) that plays Animal Crossing, if you don’t here are some basic other tips. Firstly, unlock the shop. Once the shop is unlocked, read the bulletin board outside. This will tell you about Hot Items. These are items that change daily but you can sell as many as you want for double the normal asking price. However, there’s a good chance the other method will work much better for anyone.

How To Make Bells (Money) Fast In Animal Crossing New Horizons

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Each starting island in Animal Crossing New Horizons is unique. They are randomly generated but they do share some common ground. Each one has a single food item associated with it. For example, my starting island had Pear Trees all over the place. Our other editor, Johnny, his island was filled with apples, that’s where the magic comes in.

An island will pay a huge amount for food that is not native to that island. When I sold 10 Pears to my shop on my Pear Island, they offered me 1000 Bells. When I took the exact same pears and visited a friends island, the price changed. They offered me 5000 Bells for a stack of 10. That’s a huge increase. I was able to gather enough pears to pay off my entire 98000 loan in about 10 minutes.

This works with any of the island exclusive food items. You can also find apples and other foods on resource islands. With those, take them home and plant them. As many as possible. Then, when it’s time to harvest, you can sell them to your own island. As they are not native to your island, they are considered exotic and you get the price boost.

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