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How To Make Easy Money (Regional Wealth) In Manor Lords

Regional Wealth is a vital resource that can be used to procure vital resources or expand your dominion into nearby regions – unlocking vast new resources and opportunities.

What Is Regional Wealth

An image showing the player what Regional Wealth is in the game Manor Lords

Regional Wealth is a currency available to your region that has not yet been converted to treasury. Its primary function is to purchase items from the Trading Post.

The only method to obtaining Regional Weath is also via the Trading Post, so it’s a good idea to brush up on the Trading System in Manor Lords.

How To Turn Regional Wealth Into Treasury

An image showing players the building required in order to turn Regional Wealth into Treasury in Manor Lords

In order to convert Regional Wealth into Treasure, you need to first build a Manor. This can be constructed once you have reached “Small Village” level with your settlement.

You can then find it in the Administration section of the building menu. Once it has been built, you can open tax menu by selecting the Manor and choosing “Taxes”.

You can then decide how much Land Tax you want to apply. Land Tax converts a portion of your Regional Wealth into Treasury at the end of each year.

Be careful with this setting, as the higher Tax, the more negative impact it will have on your Approval Rating.

The Best Way To Get Regional Wealth

An image showing players the Trading Post, the best way to earn Regional Wealth in Manor Lords

The best and only real method is trading via the Trading Post. Early on, this is best done by gathering an abundant resource in your region and then selling it. Wood, Planks, Iron, Clay, any resource you have an abundance of will work.

Once you have a small amount of Regional Wealth to start you off, invest in a Livestock Trading building and then construct a Sheep Farm and a Weaver Workshop.

This combination of buildings means you will be regularly importing sheep, shearing them for wool, and then converting the wool into yarn.

Bonus Tip

When you construct your Pasture for your sheep, keep note of the total livestock spaces available. Then, when you are importing sheep via the Livestock Trader, select the Surplus to be the same as your Pasture. This will ensure your Pasture remains full but no sheep escape.

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You can sell both the Wool and the Yarn very easily on the Trading Post and have a small but steady income of Regional Wealth right at the start of the game.

As you progress, you will want to invest in production of product, changing raw materials into weapons, armor, and clothing that sells for much higher prices.

Make sure there is a short route from the Tradepoint to your Trading Post. Tradepoints, if you zoom out on the map, are marked by blue icons. Traders travel from those points to your Trading Post. If you can build one right on the edge, it’s much faster.

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