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How To Make Ingots In Summer In Mara

How To Make Ingots In Summer In Mara
Copper, Silver and other ore ingots are used in a lot of useful recipes. This How To Make Ingots In Summer In Mara guide will tell you the steps you must complete before you unlock the ability to make your own ingots using the Workbench on your Home Island.

The earliest you will require Ingots is when you are trying to build a better hammer. The better hammer requires 2 Copper Ingots. While it may be possible to find some out in Mara somewhere, or even get some as a reward for a quest, it’s very likely you will struggle to find Copper Ingots without having to buy them from one of the vendors on Qaris.

How To Make Ingots In Summer In Mara

In order to make Ingots you have to progress through the main story, following Koa’s Quests, until the old lady at the lighthouse informs you that the Blacksmith Akaji is back in town. You’ve probably already seen the forge on the island, it’s next to the mansion, a large area surrounded by a black fence. It’s usually locked but once Akaji returns, it functions as any other shop with an open and close time. Once Akaji is unlocked you will need to speak with her to learn a recipe for a Silver Hammer – this is the upgraded version of your base hammer tool.

Once she teaches you this recipe, you must craft it at your home base. Once you have made the Metal Hammer, you will unlock more recipes. This includes Copper Ingots, Silver Ingots, and the ability to build the pig pen on your island. Once completed, you can now make Copper Ingots and Silver Ingots freely.

You need Thread to build fishing rods, and ropes to repair the docks, among other things. This guide on Where To Find Thread In Summer In Mara will tell you how you can unlock the Thread recipe so you can make your own thread to complete other recipes that require this ingredient.
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