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How To Make Kudosh (K) Points In Two Point Hospital

How To Make Kudosh (K) Points In Two Point Hospital
Kudosh, or K points, allow you to unlock exciting new additions for your hospital. This guide will tell you How To Make Kudosh (K) Points In Two Point Hospital so you can get some K points quickly, unlock an arcade machine and forget about the stresses of thousands of diseased patients.

How To Make Kudosh (K) Points In Two Point Hospital

Kudosh Points are a special currency in Two Point Hospital. While cash allows you to directly purchase most items, you will need Kudosh points to unlock them first. Once an item has been unlocked with Kudosh points, it is available permanently in all future hospitals and levels.

Early on you’ll likely notice a few trends in your hospital. Patients and staff grow bored quickly, the temperature heats up and people start complaining. These kinds of issues can be solved with Kudosh Points by unlocking special items such as Arcade Machines and Air Conditioning Units.

Kudosh is earned in small amounts naturally as you play. Health Inspectors will arrive at your hospital and if it’s up to scratch, you’ll get some Kudosh Points as a reward. Other events, such as medical emergency events, also earn you Kudosh.

However, there is a better way of earning lots of Kudosh Points. ON the map screen click the Career tab in the lower left. This will bring up a list of Career Goals. Many of these, such as earning a certain amount of money or curing a specific number of patients, can be completed on the very first level. This allows you to unlock a few special items to help your progress in the more difficult hospitals much easier.

Later in the game you can train your employees and unlock a research option that lets you regularly obtain K points for next to nothing.

Complete medical emergencies, impress inspectors, but most importantly, complete those career goals.

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