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How To Make Leather In Windbound

How To Make Leather In Windbound
Where to know where to find yourself some Leather? This guide on How To Make Leather In Windbound will cover everything you need to know to get the correct resources so you can tan yourself some leather for use in some really important recipes.

Windbound uses a unique recipe system where recipes are unlocked once you discover certain items. Sometimes all it takes to learn a new recipe, is to harvest a single item for the first time. The Leather recipe is different in the fact it’s available as soon as you’re able to build a campfire – but there’s a little more to it than that.

How To Make Leather In Windbound

How To Make Leather In Windbound
Firstly, you’re going to need to find yourself some skin. In Chapter 1 there is always at least one island that has pigs on it. Usually you will find some on the first island in Chapter 1 too. There’s three variations of pigs, ranging in size, aggressiveness and HP. All of the pigs have a chance to drop the skin so it’s probably a good idea to target the smaller pigs so you’re able to take less damage finding the skin.

Once you have the at least one skin, you need to make yourself a campfire. Each piece of boat built has room to store 1 item. It’s a good idea to build the campfire on your boat (under the boat crafting section), so you have a permanent fire available at all times. Once you’ve built a campfire place it on the boat and then interact with it. This is how you cook meat, which is a great source of food. However, if you look next to the meat, there is an option to also apply a Drying Rack to the campfire.

The Drying Rack allows you to cook multiple pieces of meat at a time. This is the best way to cook meat because it degrades over time. Once the Drying Rack is created and add to the fire, you will notice a brand new option appears in the crafting menu for the Campfire.

  • Find Skin from killing Pigs and other animals
  • Craft a Campfire
  • Interact with the campfire and craft the Drying Rack
  • Dry the skin on the fire to make Leather
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