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How To Make Loads Of Money Fast In Mafia 3

How To Make Loads Of Money Fast In Mafia 3
Mafia 3’s world of New Bordeaux is filled with opportunities, if you’ve got the cash to splash. This How To Make Loads Of Money Fast In Mafia 3 guide will cover a variety of tips and tricks to increase your bank balance as well as some methods that are a fantastic way to earn money fast while not progressing too far with the main campaign.

There is no real get rich quick scheme. You won’t be making millions of dollars an hour but there are a lot of tips and tricks you can put into practice to keep your finances flowing the right side of the black. Below is a list format of some basic tips and tricks to increase your cash flow. Further down we’ve also included some potential farming techniques that you can repeat in quick succession to earn lots of money in Mafia 3. Afterall, you’ll want to make sure you can unlock all of the weapons, the rarest vehicles and grab all the collectibles.

How To Make Loads Of Money Fast In Mafia 3 – Tips & Tricks

  • At the beginning of the game you’re only method of saving money is to store it inside your safe. Whenever you die you lose 50% of what you’re carrying, however all of your money in the safe is protected. You can also purchase everything in the game with money straight from your safe, so make sure to store often!
  • This is a no brainer but grab every cash pile you see. While enemies typically drop money in the $50 range the piles you can find at enemy strongholds or throughout the city can hold much more. Some contain $20,000+.
  • As soon as you get chance begin your work with Vito Scaletta. When you first unlock him as an associate he will give you the ability to call someone to pick up your money without having to return to a safe. This is very quick, easy to use and free. The sooner you have this the better.
  • Be sure to collect Kickback as soon as possible, the profit from your rackets. Each racket can only hold a certain amount of cash so drop by your associates and grab it whenever you get chance
  • Further progression with Vito Scaletta is highly recommended. Once you reach the $140,000 mark you will unlock the ability to have someone collect all the Kickback from all of your current rackets. This saves a lot of time and brings in a steady income
  • Don’t pay for ammo! You can get free ammo from the weapons truck. Simply switch to any other weapon and then switch back. More information here.

How To Make Loads Of Money Fast In Mafia 3 – Farming Methods

Method #1 – Stealing Dead Drops & Following Bagmen
This method doesn’t become available until you progress through the story campaign and have all 3 main associates under your command. When you have the option to speak with Donovan at Barclay Mills, Tickfaw Harbor and Downtown. Speak with him at Downtown and you will unlock the ability to begin completing tasks to take this territory. There are 2 chains of events here – Construction and Blackmail. You want to begin the Blackmail one.

You will get two objectives, among others, which include Stealing Dead Drops and Following Bagmen. The Dead Drops are marked by an image that you’ll be shown during the mission, the placements aren’t fixed so just keep an eye out for it while you’re exploring Downtown, grabbing collectibles and finding the Bagmen.

The Following Bagmen is the money making objective. As you drive around the city you’ll come across a black car marked red on your mini-map. There are two men inside and you’re tasked with following. Follow until they reach the end of their route – typically it’s inside a carpark. A quick grenade will dispatch of all enemies, then simply pick up the cash bag on the floor. These can contain $3,000 – $5,000 at a time. You can find one every few minutes just exploring Downtown. Although not incredibly fast, if you don’t complete the over objectives it repeats. Making it a fantastic method to make money without progressing in the main story or relying on pickups.

Rob The Rackets
After you take the first three areas you will normally unlock a mission to Rob someone during your Racket take over. These missions typically have $10k+ that you can get just by walking up to a bag or stack of cash and stealing it. You might miss it if you unlock the Racket to quick to make sure to check before you skip doing the extra objectives and clearing a Racket. Lets on I was getting $20K per stack which was awesome.

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