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How To Make Money Fast In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

If you want to make tons of money, and you’re going to need it, this guide is for you. This guide on How To Make Money Fast In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth goes over two basic tips and tricks to drastically increase the amount of money you earn per fight, giving you enough cash for the games more expensive adventures.

There are two main tricks to maximizing your earnings in Like A Dragon. The first technique is a regular, more reliable income but is still finite. The second, a much longer process, features much bigger gains at a time. You can use one or both, it’s up to you.

How To Make Money Fast In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

A map showing where to buy Sengoku Coffee and Kiwami drink in Infinite Wealth
Firstly, you want to make sure your inventory is always full of Sengoku Coffee. You can buy this at the location shown above in Honolulu. If you are in Japan, just run around until you find one of the surprise drink machines, they also sell it. Drinking Sengoku Coffee in combat massively increases the amount of money you will earn. If you are heading into a boss battle or you’re in a fight that features multiple waves of enemies, always drink a Sengoku Coffee. It will always offer a much higher return than the cost.

You can further enhance money earned through combat by visiting Cafe Soramame in Honolulu. There is a Meal Effect Bonus here that allows you to stack up to three instances of increased money at the end of a battle.

The other method is Dondoko Island. This one of the games biggest mini-games. You don’t earn a lot of money from the regular tour events. Even at the end of the Dondoko Island story, with a maxed out island, you can earn 40-50k every three days. However, the process of maxing out the resort to 5 star offers huge bonuses. You get 100,000 for reaching 1 star rank and a million for the final one, so it’s very well worth doing.

Those two simple tricks should be enough to make sure you have enough money to cover practically the entire game.

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