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How To Make Money In Jurassic World Evolution

How To Make Money In Jurassic World Evolution
Making money fast in Jurassic World Evolution is tough but it can be done. This guide will tell you How To Make Money In Jurassic World Evolution including some basic tips and tricks on the elements of your park that increase revenue, as well as avoiding unnecessary costs from expensive decisions.

Depending on your total progress in the game, the methods of earning money is different. Certain buildings and attractions are unavailable at the earlier levels but greatly help to increase profits down the line. Below is some basic tips and tricks that will work at various parts of the game.

How To Make Money In Jurassic World Evolution

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Visitor Revenue

The single biggest source of revenue for your park is always entry tickets. Sadly you cannot change the prices of these but your actions in the park have a direct impact on your visitor count and your tickets from profit. You don’t need to create a park of deadly dinosaurs to make big money quickly. To start with, build a medium sized pen for herbivores. Herbivores are lower rated dinosaurs but it’s easier to maintain their comfort levels and they are less likely to escape.

You want to focus on dinosaurs with a large population stat and a small but decent social stat. Population means they are happy in pens with a lot of dinosaurs and a social stat that supports around the 2-3 area, means you only have to make 2-3 of a species for all of that species to be happy. This minimizes costs and allows you to have 5-6 different dinosaur types in a single pen. Once this brings up your revenue you can invest in another pen for carnivores but this is generally a smart start.

Attraction Revenue

Next up, your shops. While some of these deliver minimal profits, others skyrocket with population. Shops are a regular maintenance thing. This means you need to check prices on a regular basis. Experiment with the different options and drag the bar up and down. This will give you a real-time display of the current profits. Often, especially when the park is getting more popular, you can raise the prices and your profits increase. Check your shops ever 15-20 minutes and raise the prices. If the profit drops, your visitors aren’t ready to pay for that yet. The Toy Store, Restaurant and Bar have some of the best ROI’s.

You can also unlock specific buildings for the Science, Entertainment and Security Divisons. The profit from these buildings directly ties to your current level of trust with the corresponding
division. They are very expensive buildings and are not worth it in the short term but if you’re still looking at a few hours before your next park, they are worth the price.


Early on, these aren’t great. You need the DNA from the majority of fossils you find and the items you can sell aren’t worth a lot. However, later in the game once you have unlocked more dig teams, you can make some good cash simply keeping on top of your teams and sending them out every opportunity.

Do you have any other money making tips? Post a comment below.

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