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How To Make Ratatouille in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The quest An Important Night at the Restaurant tasks you with prepared Ratatouille. This guide on How To Make Ratatouille in Disney Dreamlight Valley explains everything you need to know so you can get the correct ingredients, cook the Ratatouille, and complete the quest.

When you are in the kitchen there’s a lot of the items you need here already. Head over to the vegetable shelves and grab yourself a bunch of Eggplants and Zucchini. Then you want to head over to the shelves with the butter on, but grab a bunch of onions.

How To Make Ratatouille in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You will also need to grab some Basil or Oregano. Then grab some tomato’s. It doesn’t have to be in the exact order but the ingredients you need to make the Ratatouille is Tomato, Egg Plant, Zucchini, Onion, and Basil or Oregano.

Simply throw all of those into the cooking pot and you will complete the quest.

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