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How To Make The Gangway Plank Onto The Ship In LEGO Bricktales

Near the end of the Caribbean world you need to build a walkway onto a pirate ship. This guide on How To Make The Gangway Plank Onto The Ship In LEGO Bricktales explains how you construct the gangway as the game sneaks in some unique blocks into this section, without a tutorial or any hints on how they work. However, they are quite basic so figuring them out is relatively simple.

With the majority of these building challenges, there are many different ways you can solve the puzzle. Trying to make the “perfect” version can get a little frustrating so it’s a good idea to start with a base that works, and then build the other items on top. With that in mind, we’ve got the easiest and simplest way to build a small bridge, or gangway, that leads from the land over to the ship so you can progress with the story. Not sure there’s more than one method for this one as it’s quite a specific build.

How To Make The Gangway Plank Onto The Ship In LEGO Bricktales

This is the first build in the entire game where I am happy to leave it as is, without going back and changing it once I’ve unlocked more bricks. There are two unique blocks in this build. The anchor, which is a block that tips once you hit Simulate, and the 1 pip blocks with the black “bouncy” part on it. To start with, place 4 of the bouncy bits directly onto of the anchor block. Then on top of those add the 2×1 grey pieces. Then do two rows of the brown 2×1 pieces followed by another row of 2×1 gray pieces. Another row of brown blocks, then a row of bouncy blocks, another row of brown, then bouncy, then brown, then bouncy, then the two ramps at the top.

Job done.

Near the end of the jungle is a light and crystal puzzle involving monkey statues. This guide on How To Build Monkey Statue Light Puzzle In LEGO Bricktales will tell you how you need to construct the monkey statue so that you can place the crystal in the correct location to get touched by the light.
One of the first objectives of the medieval world is to build a coal cart. This guide on How To Build Coal Cart Container To Keep 90% Of Coal In LEGO Bricktales will tell you everything you need to know to firstly construct and complete the coal cart, but also how to ensure over 90% of the coal reaches the destination.
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