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How To Make Units (Money) Fast In No Man’s Sky

How To Make Units (Money) Fast In No Man's Sky
The currency in No Man’s Sky, called Units, is a vital part of the experience as it lets you buy new ships, expand your inventory space and purchase goods from the Galactic Market. This How To Make Units (Money) Fast In No Man’s Sky will teach you a great trick to earning loads of cash really fast, making the more expensive purchases little more than a short time farming.

You don’t really need anything special to be able to make money fast in No Man’s Sky, but it does help if you have some available inventory space. Be sure to check out our guide on how to increase inventory space for more information.

How To Make Units (Money) Fast In No Man’s Sky

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Certain planets that you visit in No Man’s Sky have a single, rare and valuable resource. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes but typically they all sell for approximately 25,000 Units each. One of the planets I found had the rare resource Gravitino Balls, that I could find and sell for 27,500 Units each. In the space of 20 minutes I’d found 5-6 places to increase my inventory and made 500,000 Units profit.

The only challenging aspect is locating the planet. As I said previously there are a number of special resources this works with, not just Gravitino Balls. Some planets have poisonous mushroom sacks you can shoot for an item, others have small pyramid shape items you can collect. This method works for all. So just make sure when you find your first planet with these resources available, milk it!

It’s a simple process. Land in an area, use your scan whilst on foot and look out for the green ! icon. These are the rare items. They spawn pretty much everywhere and can respawn in areas close to your search. Try to do most of your exploring on foot, if you see Sentinels take them out for more materials.

How To Make Units (Money) Fast In No Man's Sky

The more inventory slots you have available, the more effective this method becomes. When it comes to selling you’re items you can either head up to a space station, which is long and really makes the process a pain, or sell the goods on the planet you’re farming on. As you fly around make sure to look for any settlement that has a landing pad. If they have a landing pad there is almost always a Galactic Market terminal inside.

I’ll update with screenshots of other resources when I come across them again.

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  1. I played about 5 hours yesterday and didn’t see one green exclamation mark. I did stick on one planet for a while, but on each one I have been to since I’ve not seen this. Is it just super rare?

    1. I’ve gone through 30+ star systems at the moment and have seen it at least 4-5 times. It’s very much a bit of luck to find a planet. I wouldn’t suggest going out of your way but just pay close attention and you’ll be able to take advantage of it when it pops up 😀

  2. I’ve discovered a few more planets with similar objects on them. However, they are encased in plant life. So be on the look out for pod-like plants also as the green ! doesn’t show until they are opened

  3. I found a planet with these urchin like things that attack you if you get too close. they drop venom sacs that can be sold like 25k each. The real kicker is the amount of these things on the planet. they’re everywhere! I’m serious, you can land in any random spot outside of trade ports and you can fill your ship and suit inventory in 20 minutes. it would take much less if it wasn’t for the fact that sentinels make it their business to attack you the minte you attack the darn things. Tbut it’s all good. sentinels drop titanium and even that can be sold for a nice price your.

    Truth be told i can no doubt fill my invantroy much faster if a slap on upgrades to my gun to take the sentinels down faster and upgrade my shields so i can keep farming right after i kill them (after like 2-3 engagements my shields tend to be low so i kinda wait a bit to let it build up.)

    I REALLY lucked on finding a planet like this after only 6 jumps or so been flying around farming sacs and running into drop pods at a odd rate. Got my inventory space up to 30 in a few hours. Think i’m gonna spend another day or two on that planet them move on. I already have 2mil from casually farming i can have way more when i go balls to the wall:P

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