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How To Make Warp Cells In No Man’s Sky Next

How To Make Warp Cells In No Man's Sky Next
Warp Cells are essential to exploration in No Man’s Sky but you can’t simply buy then in Next. This guide will tell you How To Make Warp Cells In No Man’s Sky Next so you and your base can leave that poison ridden planet and head to greener pastures…hopefully.

Prior to the Next update for No Man’s Sky, Warp Cores were relatively easy to obtain. You could trade for most of them on the Galactic Marketplace but with the introduction of Next and the new crafting system, that’s all changed.

NOTE: If you are playing on a new save file and you have the objective to create the Warp Cells but not the recipe for the Antimatter Housing or Antimatter, you need to leave the planet. As you leave orbit, you’ll get new objective pointers that take you the rest of the way.

How To Make Warp Cores In No Man’s Sky Next

In order to make Warp Cells you first need the basics of a base of operations. Just a Refinery is enough to make everything you need. To craft a Warp Cell you will need 1x Antimatter Housing and 1x Antimatter. Antimatter Housing is simply, Oxygen and Ferrite Dust. These are arguably the most common materials on most planets so you shouldn’t struggle to find either of them. Ferrite Dust is generally from small rocks and Oxygen can be found on plants.

The Antimatter is a little more challenging, but not by much. You need Chromatic Metal and Condensed Carbon. Firstly, you need to find a Copper mine. Large resource deposits with a gold glimmer. They are not super common but fly around your planet for a bit and you should find them. You need to make sure you have the Terrain modification for your multi-tool. For a full guide check out our how to make Chromatic Metal guide. Once you have the Copper, add it to your refinery to make Chromatic Metal.

The same goes for Carbon, although it’s much easier to find. Load up your refinery with Carbon and it makes Condensed Carbon. Combine those items and that’s everything you need for How To Make Warp Cells In No Man’s Sky Next.

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