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How To Mass Release Multiple Pokemon In Pokemon Legends Arceus

You catch more Pokemon in Arceus than most other Pokemon games. This guide on How To Mass Release Multiple Pokemon In Pokemon Legends Arceus will help you manage your Pastures more easily as they can get filled in next to no time when you need to catch multiple Pokemon for evolutions or to complete their Pokedex entries.

Catching multiple Pokemon is not only encouraged in Arceus, it is rewarded. In previous games, unless you were hunting for competitive Pokemon, you could typically catch one of each type and leave it at that. However, in Arceus you are given more experience points for catching more of the same type Pokemon. A good idea in principle but for those of us that like to keep tidy and organized boxes, it quickly becomes a huge nightmare.

How To Mass Release Multiple Pokemon In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Fortunately, there is a method available to let you release multiple Pokemon at once, as many as you like in fact – and you are also rewarded heavily for this. You need to catch tons of Pokemon, enough to fill up 5 pastures. I don’t think story progress was required but I was only up to the second region so it’s not much if it is. When you have filled enough of your Pastures the NPC there will inform you of the ability to release multiple Pokemon at once.

Then you simply follow the prompts in the bottom right corner to select and release as many Pokemon as you want. The more you release, the more Grit you get in return. Grit is vital for increasing your Pokemon’s stats and making them stronger, so releasing Pokemon often is a good idea.

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