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How To Mix The Drink In Genshin Impact

How To Mix The Drink In Genshin Impact
A new Windblume event quest in Genshin Impact has you mixing a cocktail of sorts. This guide on How To Mix The Drink In Genshin Impact will tell you the exact order you need to use each ingredient and each task in order to make the best drink possible and complete the task.

The Windblume Event is the latest event introduced to Genshim Impact that adds a number of new exciting quests and activities to complete. One such quest, one that is available from the second stage of the Windblume event, has you searching for some Dandelion Seeds before attempting to mix a very special drink for the upcoming celebrations. I’m not sure if there’s a punishment for incorrectly mixing the ingredients as I didn’t want to risk it. However, if you’re anything like me and have a terrible memory, I’ve got the full instructions for you below.

How To Mix The Drink In Genshin Impact

Mix The Drink In Genshin Impact
When you start the quest you will need to interact with the table immediately next to you. This will bring up a menu with a variety of options that you need to select in the correct order, in order to make the drink successfully. There are several options here. Let it sit, place the ice cubes in, pour milk in, place the Windwheel Aster in, place Sweet Flower in, and place Dandelion Seeds in. Select the options following the order below

  • Place Sweet Flower in
  • Pour Milk in
  • Place Windheel Aster in
  • Let it sit
  • Place Dandelion Seeds in
  • Place Ice Cubes in

Once you have followed these steps and successfully mixed the drink, return to Margaret so she can have a taste.

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