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How To Move Items, Houses & Buildings In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Placed a house or item of furniture in the wrong location? This guide on How To Move Items, Houses & Buildings In Disney Dreamlight Valley explains how you can remove, delete, move, or place items in other locations once they have already been set down.

After unlocking the ability to travel to other worlds, I decided to visit Moana’s world first, one of my favorite Disney movies. Returning to the village I wanted to build Moana’s house near the water, but I hadn’t unlocked the beach yet. Took me ages to figure out how to move buildings but you’ll be happy to know, if you did something similar to me, you can move buildings freely at any time, without any cost or punishment.

How To Move Items & Buildings In Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you want to move buildings or items of furniture you simply need to open the Furniture screen. Open the main menu, where you see Inventory, Wardrobe, and Furniture, and then select the Furniture option. This will bring up a screen of all the different categories.

Don’t choose a category. Instead, look at the edge of the category box. There is a button here with an arrow. On PlayStation, it’s the Triangle button. Press that button and the Categories page closes, leaving a floating hand in its place. You can now select any building or object you’ve placed down and move it freely.

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