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How To Neutralize Enemies In Cyberpunk 2077

How To Neutralize Enemies In Cyberpunk 2077
Some missions require you to solve them with non-lethal means. This guide on How To Neutralize Enemies In Cyberpunk 2077 explains how you can take down enemies without killing them, so you can complete the neutralize the threat objectives present on many of the games side missions.

While non-lethal takedowns are always an option in any combat scenario you face, they are a requirement for some of the games side jobs. For example, the side job Psycho Killer, sees Regina asking V to track down and neutralize specific enemies. The objective, find and incapacitate Cyberpsychos, requires you to locate the enemies and take them down without using lethal means.

How To Neutralize Enemies In Cyberpunk 2077

How To Neutralize Enemies In Cyberpunk 2077
The primary method of taking down an enemy with non-lethal means is stealth. Approaching from behind, grabbing the target, and then choosing the non-lethal takedown. This option is viable in a lot of the content but not all, specifically, it’s useless in the Cyberpsychos mission as they are immediately alerted to your presence when you arrive at the location. So you need a different approach for these enemies and these missions.

You need a non-lethal weapon. While there are firearms with this trait, they are quite rare. It’s much more common to find or have a weapon, specifically a melee weapon, with the Blunt trait. As you can see on the baseball bat above, it indicates that it is non-lethal, meaning any enemies killed with the bat are not actually killed, just knocked out. Now, fighting these difficulty enemies with just a bat is nearly impossible but worry not, you can do all the hard work with your regular weaponry.

Simply take the target down to <5% health with any weapons. Assault Rifles, Katanas, SMG's, whatever your weapon of choice may be. As long as the final blow is delivered with a non-lethal weapon, they are considered knocked out - regardless of the bullet holes. And that's how you neutralize enemies in Cyberpunk 2077. If you’re struggling to finish these missions, make sure you send the information to Regina.

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