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How To Open Barkos Deliveries Door In The Last Of Us Part 2

There’s a building with a locked door in TLOU Part 2. This guide on How To Open Barkos Deliveries Door In The Last Of Us Part 2 will tell you how to open the door in the alleyway that has white writing written on the wall stating “Barko Deliveries In Rear”.

Quite often in The Last of Us Part 2 you will find your progress blocked by a locked door. More often than not you can simply find another way in, climbing to the roof or smashing your way through a window. However, the door to Barkos Deliveries is a little different as it requires an actual key – there is no other way to get into the building without first finding the key to Barkos.

How To Open Barkos Deliveries Door In The Last Of Us Part 2

How To Open Barkos Deliveries Door In TLOU2
The Barkos Key, which provides access to the Barkos Deliveries door, can be found in the North West corner of the map, as shown above. There is a small diner here, marked by a food icon on the map. Once you are inside be sure to check around for Supplements and ammo before heading into the bathroom in the back.

Once you get into the bathroom there is a baby changing unit on the rear wall. Approach it and you will find two items resting on top. One of these items is the Barkos Deliveries key. Once you have found the key a new icon will appear on the map that will direct you back to Barkos. Once you are inside there’s plenty of crafting ingredients and resources. There’s also a Short Gun Holster that when equipped allows you to have both pistols equipped at the same time.

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