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How To Open Chests With An Eye In Hogwarts Legacy

Scattered around Hogwarts are treasure chests with a huge eyeball on it. This guide on How To Open Chests With An Eye In Hogwarts Legacy explains the unique method used to unlock these chests because as soon as you approach, the eye notices you and seals the chest shut, meaning you are unable to open it and get the loot inside.

How To Open Chests With An Eye In Hogwarts Legacy

There are two methods to do this, an easy one and a pointless one. The easy one is just to follow the main story. One of the main story missions, after a few hours, will task you with breaking in to the Restricted Area within the library. You go along with another student to find a special book.

At the start of the quest the other student teaches you a special that works like a weak invisibility spell. This allows you to sneak through the library for the mission. This is also how you unlock the chests with the eyeball. Use the invisibility spell and then approach the chest and open it before you’re spotted. Alternatively, you can also purchase an Invisibility Potion recipe in Hogsmead and make yourself Invisibility Potions, but the spell is free and doesn’t require materials.

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