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How To Open Factory Door In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Inside the Abandoned Factory there is a locked door with a keypad. This guide explains How To Open Factory Door In Final Fantasy 7 Remake as your initial efforts of running around exploring, searching for a keycard or some sort of entrance, could well be a waste.

When you begin exploring Sector 7 fully and open up the quests, there will be a quest called Nuisance In The Factory. This quests ask you to go to a nearby factory and clear out an infestation of drakes, flying enemies that are weak to wind magic. As you’re exploring the large factory area, you may have encountered a locked door. There’s no other entrance, just a keypad. However, you cannot get inside yet.

How To Open Factory Door In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Watch Security Key
Before you are able to enter you must complete the Nuisance In The Factory quest. Once you have completed that quest, you will get the next quest in the chain, Just Flew In From The Graveyard. When speaking to the New Recruit when you start the quest, she tells you that there is a keycard to enter somewhere inside the factory, but she doesn’t know where. Just smash boxes open until you find it.

You are looking for a Watch Security Key. I found it not far from the rest point, with the bench that replenishes your HP/MP and the drinks machine. It’s very possible that the exact location is randomzed, or tied to destroying a certain number of boxes. If you reach this spot, break the boxes, and don’t discover the key. Continue breaking the boxes and you will eventually find it.

Once you have the key, return to the door and unlock it to go inside. Be sure to check out our Final Fantasy 7 Remake Quest Guide for more tips like this one.

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