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How To Open Locked Cabinets In Hogwarts Legacy

You have probably seen many cabinets with a large lock on them as you explore Hogwarts. This guide on How To Open Locked Cabinets In Hogwarts Legacy explains how they can be opened as unlike locked doors and gates, there doesn’t appear to be a lock level or anything that suggests they can be opened.

There are 16 of these special cabinets that you can find in the Hogwarts Castle, they are called House Cabinets. Once opened you find a special item inside that you can then place in your House chest. These are the only items that can be placed in that chest and a student does hint at a very good reward, if you are able to find all 16, so it’s worth trying to hunt them down.

How To Open Locked Cabinets In Hogwarts Legacy

Before you can open them you need to follow the main story until you have the mission to regroup with the professor. Around this time a new side quest appears in the courtyard of Hogwarts, marked by a black flag on the map. During that quest it acts as a tutorial-like introduction to the House Cabinets. You first must find a cabinet and then locate a flying key nearby. Once the key is found, follow it to the cabinet and it will unlock it.

You must complete the side quest first or the other keys for the other cabinets will not appear.

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