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How To Open Locked Red Boxes With Aerial Or Antenna In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

You will find many reward containers scattered across every planet. In this guide on How To Open Locked Red Boxes With Aerial Or Antenna In Star Wars Jedi Survivor we’ll break down one of the more unique treasure boxes as, unlike the others, you cannot splice your way into these, you require a specific ability or power.

There are many types of treasure boxes in the game. Most can simply be opened if you are within range. Others, that have red lights on them, require you to use the droid to slice them so you can access the contents. Then, there’s a third. They look similar to the splice boxes except they have more red lights on them and an aerial or antenna, and that last bit is the clue. They are searching for a source or signal nearby.

How To Open Locked Red Boxes With Aerial/Antenna In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

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Before you can open these you need to unlock the ability to use electricity. This is a special skill your droid gets as you progress through the story. It allows you to shoot the blue electric nodes that you find littered throughout the game. Once you have that ability and you find one of the red chests with an antenna, you simply need to check your map.

Open your map and zoom in. You will see the box you are near and there is always another item on the map nearby, the blue electricity nodes. You need to find one close by and shoot it with the electric ability to unlock the chest.

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